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Hygiene water squeegee plastic water squeegee (standard) according to HACCP

Hygiene water squeegee plastic water squeegee (standard) according to HACCP

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BawiTec hygiene water squeegee "Standard"

HigherLevel - our hygiene cleaning program

Our BawiTec hygiene products are made from high-quality plastics that are approved for use in the food and catering industries, among others. The water slides are used, for example, in the food industry, hospitals as well as in bakeries and slaughterhouses. Our hygiene products are characterized by a very long service life.

    • High quality, resistant to harsh cleaning agents and disinfectants
    • Retains its shape in hot and cold conditions
    • Polypropylene plastic body
    • Double white synthetic M rubber lip
    • Suitable according to HACCP (EU directive for food hygiene
    • For standard threaded handles
    • Dimensions: slider width 450mm, 550mm
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