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Winter broom set, whisk 35cm and snow hand brush 75cm

Winter broom set, whisk 35cm and snow hand brush 75cm

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BawiTec winter broom set

Special, innovative snow removal broom. Strong blue and very long bristles, metal handle holder and scratch bar.

The narrow yet long bristles prevent snow from getting stuck in the bristles. With the additional metal scraping edge, even frozen ice and snow can be easily removed.
This makes clearing snow child's play!

-Special elaston curtain in blue
-Sturdy metal handle holder

Incl. special snow hand brush (car broom)
-soft plastic bristles, gentle on paint
-with plastic ice scraper
-for cars, trucks, caravans etc.
-ATTENTION, sorted by color, no color selection possible!

-Broom width 35cm
-Bristles 12.5cm long
-Metal handle holder, screwed, Ø28mm
-Hand broom approx. 75cm

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